‘Precise, evocative drawings’
- The Guardian

‘...exquisitely fine drawings...’
- Hugh Massingberd

' is fair to say that her beautiful line drawings match the text perfectly'
- Book Hugger



Commissions for Magazines, Books and Branding using watercolour, pen&ink, graphic pen and other medium



Fascinated by the relationships of nature and history, my aim is to capture the distinct qualities of both using watercolour and acrylic paint

The Print Room

The Print Room

A print studio located on a farm nestling in delightful countryside on Russ Hill, Surrey


The Print Room has been set up for me mainly to pursue my etching and it is located on a farm nestling in delightful countryside on Russ Hill, Surrey. Since I had an opportunity to practise less-toxic etching technique as a residence at Ochre Print Studio, I use the etching ground called B.I.G (Baldwin's Ink Ground).

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The workshop I can offer:

One day session

  • Introduction to Drypoint
  • Introduction to Etching: Hard-ground Line Etching on Zinc
  • Lift Etching on Aluminium
  • Explore Soft-ground Etching on Zinc

Two days session

  • Explore multi colour printing with Drypoint and Carborundum
  • Etching: Hard-ground and Aquatint with Zinc
  • Explore Soft-ground Etching on Zinc

Other workshops

  • Relief print (Woodcut / Linocut)
  • Screenprint (Mono / Stencil)
  • Collagraph
  • Mono print

The facilities include : Small Etching Press (25cmx60cm) / Medium Etching Press (Polymetaal 60cm x 120cm) / Cast Iron Book Press / Screen Printing Bed (screen size 50cm x 60cm) / Tabletop Screen Printing Bed / Rollers / Inking Station / Print Drying Racks / Etching Sink
....and a dog bed!


I am a professional Japanese artist, illustrator and printmaker based in the UK. Growing up with an architect father and jewellery designer mother and trained as a set designer, I have been drawing as long as I can remember, and I have always wanted to be able to draw like Rembrandt!

I began travelling around the country for ‘I Never Knew That’ book series by Christopher Winn and I took an advantage to visit ancient sites. I have found that no matter which of them I visit, I always find at least one masterpiece that speaks to me and inspires me to draw. Trained as a set designer, I have always been fascinated by the old stone buildings of Europe and I have long wanted to understand what it must have been like to be a mason or an architect back then.

I have found that the physical process of etching is satisfying, almost as much of a challenge for a printmaker as is the challenge a mason faces when striving to achieve a perfect building or carving.

Collage of Art, Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan
(Degree: Visual Communication Design, BA)

2022   Surrey Artist Open Studio at The Print Room
2022   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Adam's Gallery, Reigate)
2021   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Adam's Gallery, Reigate)
2021   Group Exhibition '5 Printmakes' (Wilson Studio, Oxmarket Gallery)
2019   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Guildford)
2018   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Guildford)
2017-8  Hahnemühle Mini Print Exhibition (Best In Show Award for 'Chichester Cross')
2017   National Open Printmaking Exhibition 'Triangular Lodge' Selected (Bankside Gallery)
2016   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Guildford)
2015   'Spring To Summer : 12 Printmakers' (Baker Tilly)
2014   Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition (Guildford)
2006   'The original drawings of I Never Knew That book series' (Savile Club)
2004   'The original drawings of I Never Knew That' (Savile Club)

Book illustration
2018   ‘Walk Through History: Discover Victorian London’ by Christopher Winn (Ebury Press)
2016   ‘Carols From King’s’ by Alexandra Coghlan (BBC Books)
2016   ‘See London By Tube’ by Christopher Winn (Ebury Press)
2015   ‘Bricks and Mortals’ by Tom Wilkinson (Bloomsbury)
2015   'The Trains Now Departed' by Michael Willams (Preface)
2011   ‘Young Herriot’ by John Lewis-Stempel (BBC Books)
2009   ‘Great British Weapons’ by George Courtauld (Ebury Press)
2008   ‘The English House’ by Clive Aslet (Bloomsbury)
2004ー  ‘I Never Knew That About...’ series by Christopher Winn (Ebury Press)

The Mayfair / Kensington and Chelsea / Fulham Residents' Journal / Belgravia Residents Journal / Vantage Magazine / Pell-Mell & Woodcote / Luxury London / Finchatton / The Glebe / Pure DNA / Vision Track