Experimental drypoint weekend

27th & 28th January (10am-4pm)
Workshop fee: £135

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Drypoint is the simplest and most direct intaglio printmaking technique but also the most versatile. A plate is made by scratching directly on to the plate using a sharp tool such as an etching needle. This creates a ragged burr which holds a good amount of ink and lends itself to expressive drawings and mark-making with a unique rich velvety quality of line.

The plate can be anything from simple cardboard or perspex to a metal that you can scratch. Drypoint is also a great introduction to etching for anyone who is interested, as a Drypoint mark can be added to the etched plate during its final working state.

Over the weekend, you will learn the basic skills of Drypoint etching : how to use tools to scratch a plate, how to ink up and print using A6 and A5 plastic plates as well as enviromount card which gives totally different effects.