Acrylic on canvas 'Eiger'

'Why do we climb mountains?'

'Because it's there'

George Mallory answered.

Sometimes, when the weather is dull, I crave for the swiss alps.


Drawing : white pencil and pastel on black paper

He is a rescue dog. He couldn't be sold as a gun dog just because he was born with an overshot jaw and unable to pick up his prey.

He is now 9 years old. He has made us happy, given me a motivation to keep drawing and of course 'unconditional love'.

I Never Knew That About Coastal England

Publication day! This is our 16th book as a series. It's been wonderful 14 years travelling all over the places and inspired me to draw, paint and print.

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Illustrations for Pell-Mell & Woodcote Magazine

Had fun doing these small illustrations for the winter Issue.

Happy Christmas!🎄⛄

'Monochrome' 15-20 March

I am showing my ‘Colonel Clitherow’s war horse’ etching print at The Biscuit Factory in London.

Do join us for PV on 15th March 6:30-9:30pm. (admission free, no RSVP needed!)

Venue : 100 Clements Rd, Block F, The Old Biscuit Factory, SE16 4DG

Walk Through History : Victorian London

Publication day! Victorian is a fascinating era, thriving and full of imagination. New book 'Victorian London' is out now.

I provided the illustrations and the trail maps. Easy to follow. Makes your dayout an extra fun and special! (after snow disappeared perhaps....)

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